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Is my favourite because its real. You can see the process from start to finish.  In the morning you watch as the lovely meadow ladies sombre into the parlour. Where they lovingly give their wonderfully creamy milk which is taken directly to the Creamy to be crafted into the rich full flavoured award winning cheese's which can be savoured later in the shop and restaurant.
"for those who are serious about the traditions of fine cheese"

Learning his cheese making skills in Holland, and originally from America, Jo Schneider is now cheese expert at Daylesford Creamery, recruited by the Bamford family to assist with the on going progress of the organic operation at the Daylesford estate. 
Starting in May 2002, the first cheese was produced in November that year.  This is a high accolade for a small set-up, and a wonderful example of an estate adding value to it's dairy farming business, which like many others has been struggling to break even.
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