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Charm exudes from the moment you approach the Sherborne Arms, and a warm welcome is assured.  Newley appointed executive chef Lee Groves has created a stunning menu which from an experience on New Years Eve I can rave is beautifully prepared and presented, using only the freshest produce.  The glow from inside, enticing and the aromas mingling in the air beckon you in. This is a place spilling with 'Old Wold Charm!'

" love what you do regardless of how hot it gets in the kitchen"
Lee Groves

Picture of Lee

Lee's ingredient to being a chef, 'an element of madness, keep your ingredients fresh, local and seasonal, and more than anything love what you regardless how hot it gets in the kitchen.'
I was privileged to have a stint with Lee in the kitchen a couple of years ago at the Cotswold Show and Country Fair, experiencing first hand his dedication to his profession.
So wish him well as he has received great accolade not only from ourselves but that of his being personally invited to participate in the 'Knorr National Chef of the Year', following in the footsteps of chefs such as Marco Pier White, Anthony Warrell Thompson and the likes.... Will keep you posted.

"Commitment to service, quality and freshness."

The Sherborne Arms is always improving its service and fine selection of freshly prepared foods and local wines  supplied daily by local suppliers and prepared for your delight by award winning chef, Lee Groves and second chef, Alan Gargate.  Guaranteed that all food is fresh and not frozen.  They cater for coeliac and vegetarians. All ice creams and sorbets are gluten free.  Enjoy your meal.

To find out more about the Sherborne Arms visit their website here
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