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"I had a wonderful day and the children were just fantastic and I am delighted the Co-op have taken the initiative to work with local schools in this way. That is why I am a great supported of the Co-op."


Honest to Goodness Campaign
Monday 11th October 2004
Susanne cooks up a treat for the Oxford, Swindon & Gloucester Co-op
A day during which over 100 students from schools in and near Carterton visited their local Co-op store to find out all about healthy diet and lifestyle options. Aged between seven and eleven, students from four local schools took part in interactive cookery demonstrations by Oxfordshire cookery writer and local food advocate, Susanne Austin.

The children helped Susanne hand pick the ingredients from the produce and fresh food departments (assisted by Mrs. Moralee), then got involved in helping her cook some healthy, tasty and nutritious dishes.

Store manager Mark Henderson said,
"we wanted to put together some fun but informative sessions
 for the children.  They all seemed to really enjoy it...

Once the dishes were created, the children all tasted their scrumptious creation before they set off on a tour of the store and warehouse. A fun and informative day, working in partnership with the local community and schools, developing and educating children on how to eat more healthily.

What is it they say about ‘the proof in the pudding is in the eating’, then it is true, children do like their fruit and vegetables. They especially like them when prepared with seasonal, fresh, local and tasty produce, prepared with fun, love and joint interaction. Children not only like to eat fresh, local produce, but also to be involved in its preparation!!
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