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Cotswold Lamb Noisettes
3 x Stuffed Cotswold Lamb Noisettes approx. 1 lb each in weight made from Thyme, Parsley & Mint Stuffing - pre-made with loving care by:
WJ Castle Butchers, Burford.

To cook: place in a baking tin with Shaken Oak-Dressing, cook at 170șC for 40 mins.

Tip: meat will appear pink and juicy. Should you prefer medium to well done simply cook for a further 5-10 mins.

Roasted Cotswold Roots
A selection of vegetables to include:
4 x small/medium carrots & parsnips
Two handfuls of shallots, approx. 3-4 per person.

1 x medium sized swede
2 x large leeks
Clove of garlic
Shaken Oak-Dressing or plain olive oil

To cook: cut all vegetables into shapes being guided by the vegetable itself i.e. cutting carrots lengthways into four quarters, leek into round disks, peeling shallots and leaving whole. Place in a baking tray, cover with shaken oak dressing, three good glugs! (approx. 6tbls) Bake for 20-40 mins depending on thickness of vegetables.


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