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"I am often asked, 'which part of your work do you enjoy the most'. The people, the places, the countryside, the tastes. It has to be a combination of them all as what would we do without the beauty that surrounds us, the characters that share our lives, along with the friendship, stories and tasty offerings they share with us. I have experienced many things but none so valuable and rare as the times spent around a table sharing conversation or listening to a yarn or two, which always consists of good company, food and drink."

     Susanne Austin - Keeping it local, fresh and tasty......

Welcome not only to my website, but a journey embracing our natural and magical environment.

Chatting with friends on the purpose of my work, I explained it isn't about work at all but a love of the countryside and all its offerings. I giggled as I recounted stories from my childhood of visits to family and friends.  Visits rejoiced upon depending on who the visit was to in relation to the delights I was to savour whist there, the dog I would walk, horse I would ride, or river in which I would get wet.

As I was sharing these stories I had to smile to myself as nothing has changed, I have a love of the countryside today as great if not greater than ever before as....

"The countryside not only provides our daily bread but also casts a spell on all who are touched by it. Something worth preserving."
                                                        Food For Thought with Susanne Austin Cotswold Life September 2002

So my love of the countryside its tastes, textures, smells, history, presence and spirit I share with you. My past projects and those yet to come are ours. Singularly and collectively we can and do make a difference.

The site will be full of tasty treats, where to shop, how to cook and enjoy locally produced fayre. As environmental and health issues are now foremost in out minds, it's time not only to look to mother nature and her teachings but follow them.

Have fun, enjoy and feel free to contact me anytime.

May your table be forever laden with fine local fayre.

Let our journey begin.......


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