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Consultant for CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England). Appointed representative on the Government "South East Rural Affairs" Forum. 2002-04


"..I'd lay down my life for England"
Sir Winston Churchill 1874-1965


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A CPRE briefing on Supermarkets and local food

Local Foods have a great deal to offer - in terms of sustaining rural communities and protecting precious countryside. Britain's big supermarket chains say they're interested. But a survey by CPRE has found that they are vague about what they mean by local foods, that very few of the tens of thousands of food lines they sell are branded and promoted as genuinely local, and that - with a few exceptions - their targets for selling more are weak, unclear or non-existent. Perhaps that's not surprising - local foods go against the grain of what supermarkets have been doing for decades.
CPRE challenges the big supermarket chains to set a proper definition for local foods that consumers can trust -a definition that the main ingredient in a local food is grown, and most of the processing takes place, within 30 miles of the store in which it is sold. We challenge supermarkets to set targets for 5 per cent of all food sales from each store and 5% of food lines to consist of local foods by 2005. These targets may sound modest but we regard them as realistic - they represent a major advance in the current situation.

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