"There's plenty happening in the fields,
there's plenty on our plate."

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Food Glorious Cotswold Food there really is nothing quite like it.
A time for giving thanks......

"Harvest, the season of reaping and gathering of the crops. Harvest festival is a religious service of thanksgiving. A banquet is a merry making at the completion of the harvest. I have just returned from a journey of a lifetime to South Africa, a trip during which I learned many things, the most poignant of which must be the art of appreciation. Having experienced first hand the adversities of people living without clean water and food, I think that we should count our blessings as we celebrate our Harvest. "...

(Food for Thought with Susanne Austin - Cotswold Life October 2002)


A total celebration of local, fresh and tasty Cotswold produce prepared and cooked especially for those whom attended in the beautiful surroundings of Wyck Hill House Hotel, Stow-on-me-Wold.

Susanne Presents Lord Plumb with a Cheque

A fantastic evening, a night of merriment, the memories of which we will treasure for many years to come.

Together we celebrated all that's British, traditional and fun and put the Great back into Britain.


The evening started with a firework display by Pinewood studios pyrotechnic specialist John Hargreaves.


Entertainment throughout dinner was provided by The Oxford Waits; a local traditional music band,
and songs of rural England by Magpie Lane.


To conclude after dinner speakers - Lord Plumb of Coleshill, Robin Page (Broadcaster & Writer) and Edward Dawson (South East Regional Director - CPRE)
(Click here to read Edward's speech)


The menu was second to none and the evening surpassed promises of great feasting, frivolity and fun!



Thanks to everyone who came ye forth and supported our region and enjoy all the wonderful things we had to offer whilst having a jolly good time in the process.



"My work has heightened my interest in the work of World Cancer Research, a very special charity that works exclusively towards Cancer prevention, funding research and education programmes, to encourage people like you and me to change our eating and lifestyle habits in order to safeguard ourselves against Cancer. I believe in my heart that if we wish to secure food production in the UK we need to support and look after our farmers and producers, therefore the work of the RABI is of such importance by helping the retired, disabled and otherwise disadvantaged farmers, farm managers and their families. That is why I have chosen World Cancer Research and the Royal Agriculture Benevolent Institution (RABI) as the charitable beneficiaries for this year."


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