1940's food and rationing may yet return
 food for thought indeed
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"your display of locally grown produce was a feast to the eyes and the range of recipes being so varied that the spectators could not fail to be rapt for the whole demonstration."
(member of audience)

Previous Event - Cookery Demonstration
Inland Waterways National Festival & Boat Show
28th - 30th August 2004

The theme of this years event was the 1940's with a living history display featuring dramatic events of the 1940's festival, visitors were encouraged to explore a 1940's army camp and living history display.  A parade of veteran vehicles along with a 1940's kitchen were to make the experience complete.
Marmite a famous Burton product first manufactured in Burton in 1902, was a well know source of Vitamin B Complex and was said to be included in army rations to keep our boys "fighting fit" during the war.
Susanne a great favourite at recent festivals joined us once again to rattle those pots and pans in her 1940's kitchen to the theme "we'll eat again". The Ministry of Food worked hard to encourage everyone to eat a simple, balanced diet based on fresh, home grown produce - a topical subject today and one dear to Susanne's heart.
To complete the 1940's theme boaters and campers were encouraged to wear 1940's dress as did Susanne featuring as a land girl in the kitchen.

"the marquee was full to brimming and the dishes of the day were to include 'corned beef hash', which one man expressed he'd run clear across a field to taste! and yet another surprise, as last year I received the accolade of being likened to to a female version of Rick Stein, this year it was a queue of people gathering for my autograph."

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