'Achieving the best possible result takes not only time
 but complete dedication!'

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  Previous Event - Show - CLA Game Fair

"She transformed this area, introducing a number of new ideas.
 In addition, her infectious enthusiasm ensured that this area really buzzed, contributing enormously towards a
record-breaking event

                            David Hough, Director


I remember as if it were yesterday saying "yes" and the question? As a member of the Oxfordshire Branch Committee, would I take on and run the Country Cooking area for the CLA Game Fair 2000 (Blenheim Palace, Oxon).  Naivety is bliss! And as I stood in Blenheim Park with David Hough (Show Director) I was to realise the extent of my task as he pointed to a marker just before me, asking me to turn and get into my sights another which I'm sure only a hawk could see in the distance. Weeks later I recall sitting bolt upright in bed and wondering 'What have I done?' Well on the day I along with a band of merry helpers, chefs, producers, and show organisers, I knew what had been done. We had turned the Country Cooking and Food Show area into a gastronomic sensation.  The icing on the cake! A comment from Lady Scott, who on approaching me at the show, confessed that having heard me talk of all my plans that she would eat her hat if all was accomplished. At the end of the show standing before me on recounting this tale, she took of her hat!

A truly memorable experience.

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