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Previous Event - Federation of Small Business,

The 2001 FSB Thames Valley Regional AGM will always be remembered for two things; the canapés and the singing of the farmers toast.  The AGM was followed by a brief presentation by Susanne Austin of the Cotswold Food Group who talked to the members present about "real food", it was the groups members who supplied an excellent array of canapés to welcome guests.

Probably the most moving moment of the evening was singer Ian Gilles, dressed as an 18th Century farmer who sang the Farmers Toast unaccompanied, a folk song which extolled of the simple joys of country life.

The privileges and joys of running a small business!

As a member of the Federation of Small Businesses it was a privilege to be asked to provide canapés made from tasty local fayre for the Thames Valley AGM. And the joy, well that comes from the antics experienced in being chief organiser, chauffer and produce collector, cook, artistic hamper maker, and speaker. How one manages it all is a miracle, something all those present understood only too well. As too, they seemed also to understand my sharing the experience on my having completed my tasks, I had only a matter of minutes to get to my office, dress, return, stand on a chair and admit to having in hast sprayed hairspray under my arms and deodorant on my hair.

From the raptures of laughter from the room I knew I wasn't alone in this experience.

As I said the joys of being self-employed!

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