Dear Susanne,

Initially, when I booked you to address our WI, I had not realised how passionately you cared about promoting all that is worthwhile in our local communities. However, on consultation with my fellow members, we felt that your views would be of interest to many in our local area so we decided to make March's gathering an open meeting, allowing other WI's the opportunity to listen to you.

You certainly were an inspirational and idealistic speaker advocating using our local food producers or risk losing them. The group as a whole were impressed with your dedication and desire to bring the benefits of buying local produce to as wide an audience as possible. We certainly felt motivated to source as many good local food producers as we could after your talk. Fortunately, we have a wealth of excellent local food outlets in the North Cotswolds you were able to point us in the direction of even more.

The WI is most definitely in favour of improving the quality and safety of the food we eat and by speaking to organisations like us you can spread the word about the importance of fighting to promote locally produced food which essentially defines a vital characteristic of our unique area.

Best Wishes

Gill Boyd


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