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See below a copy of a letter from a concerned consumer

"More and more consumers look for
 food they can trust"
(Traceability is key)

The Englishman's Legacy

"I leave you the multiple bounty of the earth for food - the choice fruits and golden crops, the stately avenues of trees and the glory of the hedgerows, the mystic beauty of wildflowers and the soothing sight of herbs and ferns that grow in secret corners."

Local Produce is Perfect Ingredient
(Gloucestershire Today 2002)

The countryside never ceases to amaze me with its bountiful supply of nutritious provisions.  Buying local has never been easier with the rise in number and regularity of farmers' markets and more farmers selling direct through box schemes, freezer packs and the like. Traceability is high on the agenda as our need for more information and assurance as to where our produce is from and to how it is produced continually grows we are blessed with a region plentiful with meat, vegetables, fruits, cheeses, dairy produce, wine and ale.

Food For Thought

As the bureaucrats continue to argue between themselves our farming community strives to survive.
The consumer pushes for a more healthy and thought through way of farming, and our producers endeavour to produce to consumer demands. Letís ask the politicians to fight our corner, encourage our producers to produce quality, healthy food, and as consumers, realize that itís our voice the producers follow. So lets ask for quality food remembering its value not only in its production but also at the checkout and support our industry by Buying British.

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