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Susanne's Profile

Coming from a farming family Susanne attended Burford Grammar School where she studied agriculture, working on the schools world-renowned farm where she experienced her first television appearance on the Farming Today Programme, appearing since on Ready Steady Cook with Tony Tobin, and the likes of Jonathan Dimbleby. Having spent time exploring other avenues Susanne returned to her roots in 1999 to embrace and share her passion for the countryside with others. At which time she launched, financed,  and single handily ran The Cotswold Food Group.

Now a popular writer, broadcaster, speaker and most importantly 'evolving soul', Susanne is passionate about fresh, local produce and is dedicated to the production of local produce, the preservation of our glorious English countryside and the future prosperity of Rural England.

A regular contributor to Cotswold Life for three years with a monthly page entitled 'Cotswold Food and Drink', now regular contributor to Oxfordshire Life. Conductor of cookery demonstrations at shows and events Susanne promises to reawaken your senses whilst exuding a passion for our land and its abundant supply of tantalisingly tasty offerings, that is impossible not to be moved by her. Susanne travels England absorbing its beauty, meeting with its producers and sampling their fayre, a journey that she relishes the opportunity to share with you.

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