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 not only time but complete dedication!'

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Profile - Public Speaking

Guest Speaker

Bidwells / CLA Seminar:
Engaging the Public: Developing new income streams for rural businesses. Chilford Hall, Cambridgeshire.
Talk entitled - Your Future in Your Hands

"The Grass is Greener on the Other Side"


"....you made a good impression on them, certainly judging
by the conversation after the seminar...."

Peter Dale, Marketing Executive Bidwells

Castle Howard

"Your passion and enthusiasm was infectious and even
the most sombre Yorkshireman
could not have been anything but impressed."

Guest Speaker

National Farmers Union - Annual General Meeting

"The message is loud and clear - If we do not help ourselves no one else will help us promote British Quality Produce. This is a chance to listen, learn and participate on how to build a business and obtain a larger slice of the retail price." Susanne Austin

"Such meetings, though well attended on this occasion, can be by
definition a bit dry and formal, but from the moment you walked
into the room I sensed this one was going to be special! A charismatic
performance, and one which I felt privileged to witness."
Colin Stabler, NFU Business Development Manager.

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